Innovative antenna solutions

Excellent theoretical understanding together with top industrial virtual design methods enables cost-efficient antenna solutions and faster time-to-market for your products.

ISO 9001 qualified services


ExcellAnt antenna design process is a combination of a strong understanding of electromagnetic theory and the efficient use of the latest 3D electromagnetic design tools.

Prototyping & measurement

High-quality antenna prototype manufacturing and measurement from IoT & mobile concept devices to tailored directive antenna solutions.


CVA – Wideband high gain antenna family

Extremely wideband single- or dual polarized Test & Measurement antenna
-Frequency range 24 GHz to 67 GHz
-Gain 10 – 16 dBi

DLA – Wideband high gain lens antenna family

High gain antenna for 5G FR2 Test & Measurement applications
-Frequency range 24 GHz to 43 GHz
-Gain 20 – 24 dBi
-Custom gain and radiation on request

ISO 9001 qualified services

Wireless communications

Wireless communication antennas range from very small narrowband IoT & GNSS antennas to broadband mobile antennas and large beam steerable base station antennas.

Radars & sensors

Automotive and environment radars are used to detect objects and their features, and several industrial sectors utilize millimetre wave radars as sensors in their production processes. An important part of a high-performance radar is a well-designed antenna.

3D EM modelling

Efficient electromagnetic modelling and computation speeds up the design of high-performance and reliable devices.

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