Innovative antenna solutions for RF, microwaves & mmWaves

Excellent theoretical understanding together with top industrial virtual design methods enables cost-efficient antenna solutions and faster time-to-market for your products

Expertise on demand

  • The antenna company specialising in 5G solutions
  • Quicker and cheaper than hiring your own antenna designers
  • Academic expertise with industrial experience

World-wide operation

  • Analysis and design - wherever you are
  • Short- and long-term projects

Customised and flexible

  • Custom antenna concept and design
  • Development of new or existing products/systems
  • Fast client/project feedback
  • Comprehensive delivery report

Antennas are everywhere. Our service is here for you.

We are an academic-based antenna service with industrial experience. We provide conceptualising and design for antennas, including brainstorming and alternative ideas. We can help you understand antenna system performance boundaries and provide solutions to the challenges with existing products.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Flexible
  • Case specific quotations
  • Short- and long-term projects

The best solutions for all your demanding antenna system requirements

We are the company specialising in 5G solutions. Our strong theoretical antenna background in-house coupled with our industrial experience means we can solve all your demanding antenna system requirements.

  • IoT sensor devices – limited antenna volume with challenging and varying use cases
  • Portable multiantenna systems
  • High frequency antenna solutions – when gain is needed

Save time and money - use our expertise

No need to hire your own antenna designers when we have everything in-house. Tell us your antenna requirements, export the CAD model and we will do the rest.

  • Intelligent analysis
  • Accurate simulation models and use cases
  • Brainstorm and implement virtual antenna concepts
  • Antenna performance to match requirements
  • Fast feedback
  • Comprehensive delivery report

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