Innovative antenna solutions for RF, microwaves & mmWaves

Excellent theoretical understanding together with top industrial virtual design methods enables cost-efficient antenna solutions and faster time-to-market for your products

ExcellAnt's special innovative antennas

Special innovative antennas

Excellant's modern radomes and lenses

Modern radomes & lenses

ExcellAnt's premium mobile and wearable antennas

Premium mobile & wearable antennas

ExcellAnt is your partner for developing innovative antenna solutions using RF, microwave & millimeter wave technology.

Our customers range from SMEs to global leading corporations in telecom, wireless & measurement segments. We are used to work closely with customer’s R&D team, or alternatively we can take full responsibility of the complete antenna product.


ExcellAnt services include feasibility & proof-of-concept studies, product concepting & antenna system design.

We strongly exploit electromagnetic theory and 3D virtual tools (CST, HFSS & Optenni) in our design process. By understanding the theory, virtual 3D models and real-world products match each other, enabling shorter time to market and less design cost for your products.

We have experience in frequency range from 10 MHz to 125 GHz. Our laboratory measurement equipment covers frequencies up to mmWaves.

The services we offer cover following items:

Special innovative antennas

  • Antenna arrays, fixed or beamforming
  • Directive antennas
  • Radar antennas
  • Chamber antennas
  • Measurement sensor systems
  • Structural signal strengthening

Modern radome & lenses

  • Millimeter wave
  • High gain (> 40 dBi)
  • High performance
  • Phase stable
  • Phase flattening
  • Automotive radars

Premium mobile & wearable antennas

  • IoT devices (NB-IoT, LTE-M)
  • Cellular 2G – 5G
  • MIMO, diversity
  • GNSS
  • WiFi & BT
  • NFC
  • LoRa


ExcellAnt team has experienced & awarded employees from the field of RF, microwave and millimeter wave technologies. Team members have 60+ years accumulated experience of working in R&D and research organizations in the fields of telecommunications, industrial and medical ICT and mmWaves communications.

Team’s key persons come from both academic and industrial worlds. In research and conceptualization duties, we work at the technology forefront and respect our customer’s privacy on their beyond state-of-the-art projects. One of our public references is continuous industrial sensor development for Senfit Ltd.

We are also active member of research community. We think theoretical broadmind understanding will be necessity for increasing system complexity – today and in the future. Some top academic peer-reviewed journals & conferences that our employees have participated in:

  • (2018) M. Berg, J. Chen, A. Pärssinen: Analysis of vertical loop antenna in its wide and flat variant performance in wearable use
    • IEEE Access (special section on wearable and implantable device and systems), vol 6, online
  • (2017) T. Tuovinen, N. Tervo, A. Pärssinen: Analyzing 5G RF system performance and relation to link budget for directive MIMO
    • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 65: vol 12 pp 6646–6645
  • (2016) T. Tuovinen, E. T. Salonen, M. Berg: An Artificially Anisotropic Antenna Substrate for the Generation of Circular Polarization
    • IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 64: vol 11 pp 4937–4942
  • Research from 2005 onwards


We are passionate about technology with long-term experience and knowledge of antennas, propagation & wireless systems. We understand what are the possibilities from antenna system point of view and how to get the best out of the given conditions.

We aim for long-term customer-oriented relationships. We provide scalable project duration according to your needs. In projects, our responsibility normally includes knowing & understanding all necessary details what comes to antenna performance. Our customers have appreciated fast project feedback cycles & efficient project progress with us. Customer satisfaction and customer success is our success!

ExcellAnt Ltd has joined Senfit group at the beginning of 2019. We operate globally from Oulu technology city.

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