Wireless communications

Wireless Network antennas

Network base station antennas range from 3G fixed beam sectoral antenna arrays to 5G active multibeam phased arrays. High directive antennas are used for microwave backhaul links. ExcellAnt antenna engineers are professionals to design you reliable, high performance and cost-efficient network antenna solutions including weatherproof radome solutions.

Mobile, IoT & wearable antennas

Increased wireless connectivity combined with the product mechanical and visual demands generate an antenna design challenge for mobile devices. IoT devices require smaller number of antennas, but the design challenge arises from small form factor and numerous use cases of IoT devices.

Wearable and implanted antennas are in close contact with the user. Electrically lossy tissue requires special antenna design experience to maximize antenna performance.

ExcellAnt antenna engineers can develop the most cost-effective antenna solutions to your needs. We can maximize the link range of your IoT device by using commercial or tailored antennas.

Test & Measurement antennas

Over-the-air (OTA) wireless device performance measurement requires test & measurement antennas during R&D tests, conformance tests and production tests.

ExcellAnt is known its high-performance antenna solutions to OTA measurement chambers. Remember to check our latest Test & Measurement antenna products!

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